Executive Development

Executive Development

Vision University helps you realize your vision as a CAE.

Vision University: The New Chief Audit Executive (CAE)

Vision University (VU) is led by a team of expert instructors and leaders in the profession who know what it means to be a CAE. They will provide you with insight, guidance, and an improved knowledge of how to strengthen your audit team to meet today's challenges and inspire peak performance. Vision University classes are limited to small groups to provide maximum interaction and networking opportunities.

This course is designed for new CAEs and senior-level executives preparing to become CAEs. Vision University graduates are able to develop an effective CAE strategy to deliver quality assurance and consulting services to clients for risk management, controls, and governance processes.

To strengthen the content and add value to this program, we have incorporated case outlines and leadership components from VU for the experienced CAE.


Vision University:

The New CAE November 7 – 10,

2011 Hotel Solamar / San Diego, CA



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