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The IIA's CIA Learning System™

Quality training for the CIA® exam.

The IIA now offers premier quality CIA preparation materials. The IIA's CIA Learning System is an interactive print and Web-based program designed to provide comprehensive and flexible training to CIA candidates worldwide. This new program provides timely analysis of practical audit procedures found in today's global organizations and on the CIA exam.

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The IIA's CIA Learning System allows you to study your way. Self-directed materials, comprehensive instructor-led courses,and CIA refresher seminars are available, allowing you to customize your training based on your personal preferences and schedule.

Self-Directed Training

The self-directed program is ideal for self-motivated CIA candidates with unpredictable schedules. Use the comprehensive print materials and interactive online tools to study when and where your schedule allows. Try a Free Demo today!

Comprehensive Instructor-led Courses

Instructor-led courses offer comprehensive study of all related CIA topics in a traditional classroom format. These courses, offered by The IIA, local colleges, universities, and chapters, are ideal for individuals who prefer a set syllabus and personal interaction. Find a course near you!

Virtual Seminar Part 3

The IIA is introducing The IIA's CIA Learning System Part 3 Comprehensive Instructor-led Course as a Virtual Seminar. Learn more today! Register by calling 1-877-442-2425.

CIA Refresher Seminars

After completing your review of the CIA materials, attend a CIA refresher seminar to reinforce your knowledge, clarify topics, and build exam-day confidence. This series of four seminars is customized to the needs of each class based on a mandatory pre-class "final exam" designed to identify topics that require attention. Find a seminar near you!

Corporate Training

Offer CIA training to multiple employees in your organization with either the self-directed or instructor-led format. This option ensures that your staff receives consistent training and saves money through volume discounts, travel savings, and more. For more information about group training, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +91-22-67103351.

The IIA CIA Learning System is developed independently of The IIA's exam development function and uses syllabus information that is publicly available.

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