Message from the Senior Vice Chairman of The IIA

 Tokyo, Nov 5, 2017

Dear ACIIA CAE Leadership Forum Delegate,

It is my honor to welcome you to the ACIIA CAE Leadership Forum entitled “Navigating Through Disruptive Business Innovation” on behalf of the IIA Global executive committee. The CAE leadership forum is one of two major events of the ACIIA during a year, and you will benefit from range of highly professional and motivational speakers and panelists who will bring depth of knowledge and experience.

The topics is very timely as we all face with disruption caused by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The world of artificial intelligence, robotics and Internet of Things are moving so rapidly, and they are fundamentally changing the way we live and operate in business. Those changes have profound impact to our organization, and we, internal auditors, need to understand how those changes impact control environment of the organization and adopt ourselves to changes that are being affected.

The changes effected by the Fourth Industrial Revolution also forces internal auditors to think differently about our objectives and how we operate. Your Board of Directors and CEOs have different expectations from you in terms of your coverage and results as they are no longer looking for you to opine on just control environment. They are now looking for business insights and potential area of improvements and exposure from you as their eyes and ears in the organization. In order to respond to their renewed expectation, we need to constantly review our activities and evolve ourselves to be a trusted advisor to them.

I hope you will apply knowledge that you learn through this Forum to improve your internal activities. I also hope that you will meet your internal audit colleagues who can share information and learn from each other to enhance your professional competencies and career as the motto of the IIA is "Progress Through Sharing".

Best regards,
Naohiro Mouri