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Global Technology Audit Guides (GTAG®)

Prepared by The Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA), each Global Technology Audit Guide(GTAG) is written in straightforward business language to address a timely issue related to information technology (IT) management, control, and security. The GTAG series serves as a ready resource for chief audit executives on different technology-associated risks and recommended practices.
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PG GTAG-15:     Information Security Governance
PG GTAG-14:     Auditing User-developed Applications
PG GTAG-13:     Fraud Prevention and Detection in an Automated World
PG GTAG-12:     Auditing IT Projects
PG GTAG-11:     Developing the IT Audit Plan
PG GTAG-10:     Business Continuity Management
PG GTAG-9:       Identity and Access Management
PG GTAG-8:       Auditing Application Controls
PG GTAG-7:       Information Technology Outsourcing
PG GTAG-6:       Managing and Auditing IT Vulnerabilities
PG GTAG-5:       Managing and Auditing Privacy Risks
PG GTAG-4:       Management of IT Auditing
PG GTAG-3:       Continuous Auditing: Implications for Assurance, Monitoring, and Risk Assessment
PG GTAG-2:       Change and Patch Management Controls: Critical for Organizational Success
PG GTAG-1:       Information Technology Controls

Guide to the Assessment of IT Risk (GAIT)

The GAIT series describes the relationships among business risk, key controls within business processes, automated controls and other critical IT functionality, and key controls within IT general controls. Each practice guide in the series addresses a specific aspect of IT risk and control assessments.


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