GAIN Benchmarking

Global Audit Information Network (GAIN) Validate your Direction

WHAT IS GAIN? It's all about you.
Internal auditors have a long tradition of sharing knowledge with each other. This is why for more than 60 years, the idea of "Progress Through Sharing" has been the cornerstone of The IIA. As the most trusted name for benchmarking services in the internal audit profession since 1992, GAIN provides a knowledge exchange forum that enables internal auditors from all over the world to:

  • Share, compare, and validate their internal audit activities.
  • Network with other organizations.
  • Learn from the challenges and solutions of your peers.
  • Gain leading internal audit practices from top organizations.
  • Enhance your operational effectiveness and efficiency.

What's more, with GAIN you have The IIA's assurance that your data remains anonymous.

GAIN Annual Benchmarking Study  
The GAIN Annual Benchmarking Study allows you to benchmark your internal audit activity easily and transparently by letting you compare your audit department's performance against the averages of similar organizations in peer groups you choose.

GAIN Flash Surveys
The IIA's Flash Surveys have the answers you're looking for when you need them the most. Flash Surveys are customized questionnaires that provide real-time solutions to real-world audit challenges based on your needs, and are offered as a membership benefit to the Audit Executive Center.