Audit Profession is often in the thick of controversies and is called out, now frequently across the globe, when there are business and governance failures. Where were the auditors? Is a common Cry. Expectations from the regulators and the stakeholders, from the profession are high.

Is the Profession ready to meet these expectations? How do we deliver reassurance on the transactional compliances and at the same time focus on impactful strategic issues facing the enterprise? Do we raise critical issues facing them in time and place them on table for discussions? How agile, dynamic and foresightful are we?

Our Conference focusses on how Internal Audit can engage with the stake holders – the audit committees, senior business leaders and the operational management across the corporates and raise concerns proactively on strategy and integrity.

Themes focus on enhancing value to the corporates & the audit professionals in both the public & private sectors.

The new COSO framework for enterprise risk management expects better integration with strategy and performance in a culture of core values which attracts, develops and retains capable individuals.

This conference aims to build skills and capabilities to the audit professionals to better leverage legal, technology and the risks management functions to make impactful contribution for business sustainability.

Failed functional strategies are often the reasons for business failures. Delegates will hear from the business leaders across functions and the consultancy firms who will highlight how internal audit can partner with these functions to provide constructive challenge, insights in strategy formulation as well as auditing their execution on the ground.

Location : 

New Delhi

About Internal Auditing

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations.

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New IPPF -

The Framework for Internal Audit Effectiveness: New IPPF