President Communique

My dear fellow members and internal audit professionals,
I am honored to assume the role of the President of the Institute of Internal Auditors, India. While I thank the members and my fellow Councilors, I am aware that the honor is for the principle that chance allowed me to represent and not a personal acknowledgement. 

My predecessor, Bhaskar, introduced the slogan ‘Together we shall’ and lived by it. In the process, we too came to breathe the same. Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. The fitting continuum would be ‘Yes, we shall!’ although with a silent prayer that He continues to mould us right. 

IIA India has many challenges ahead and, although the term (one year) for Presidency appears short – if not limiting, it also compels us to bring that burst of energy if we wish to further the cause of the profession. At the core of it, we need to make IIA (benefits) visible to more individuals. And we need to deliver value to our members.

To achieve these objectives, we have working groups (Committees). They serve as think tanks and set in motion initiatives; they monitor those initiatives periodically; and re-align them, when required. Sumant Chadha chairs Advocacy, Sidheshwar Bhalla chairs Membership, K Vidyadharan chairs Newsletter & Publication, Manoj Agarwal chairs Training and Thiyagarajan Kumar chairs Revenue. Gaining visibility and delivering value – from capable hands.

Nikhel Kochhar, the CEO, and his Secretariat serve as a vital cog-in-the-wheel in the attainment of our objectives. Nikhel brings in passion for the profession and flair for institution building. His office provides crucial support in the service of members. 

The six chapters are run by member-elected Boards and also have new individuals at the helm. Chapters have been IIA India’s primary connect with members and have contributed to IIA India through their nominees on the National Council. Every chapter is brimming with ideas and plans and there is that infectious enthusiasm that engulfs one and all!

On August 31, our long time Councilor and representative of IIA Inc., Denny Beran, retired. Through his incisive viewpoints and laser-focus, Denny shaped the functioning of IIA India and we are grateful for his contribution in our turbulent times. He passed the baton to Ms. Severine Chanay-Savoyen who has hit the ground running with the same fervor.

With such a team to tackle the challenges, could I aspire for more?

During the October – December quarter, Delhi Chapter (October 18) and Bombay Chapter (December 19 and 20) host their respective regional conferences. The National Conference – the flagship event of IIA India – will be held in Bengaluru on January 30 and 31, 2020. Each event holds a lot of promise and I urge each member – all internal audit professionals, actually – to participate in those events.

I am happy to receive your thoughts and feedback on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

R Ramarao
President – IIA India (19-20)

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