Dear Members,

The momentum, in 2019-20, gathers pace. Our membership figures as on 31st July, 2019 were up 30% over the same time last year. With over 20 initiatives being taken by the Membership Committee we are optimistic about the near future as well.

IIA India and All 6 Chapters held their AGMs by 31st August, 2019. Out heartiest congratulations to R. Ramarao, President, Mr. T. Kumar (TK), Sr.VP, Adithya Bhat, VP, Giridhar Janardhana, Secretary, Sid Bhalla, Jt. Secretary and Burzin Dubash, Treasurer. Congratulations as well to the new Chapter Teams ably led by Joly (Joe) Joseph in Bangalore, Sid Bhalla in Delhi, Ravi Patwa in Kolkata, Manoj Kr. Jain in Chennai and Haresh Dua in Mumbai. Kallol Bhattacharya continues as the President of the Hyderabad Chapter for the 2nd year running. A big “thank you” to Viswanadh Kuchi in Bangalore, Thiyagarajan Kumar in Delhi, Debshis Ghosh in Kolkata, Dr. Paul Jayakar in Chennai, Kallol in Hyderabad and Manoj Aggarwal in Mumbai for their untiring efforts as Chapter Presidents in 2018-19. And last, but certainly not the least, to our immediate Past President, S. Bhaskar for taking up the momentum of IIA India by several notches. These volunteer positions require a lot of time, dedication and personal sacrifice for which we are grateful to them.

Some of our key Committees heads include Sid Bhalla (Membership), Manoj Agarwal (Training & Webinar), Sumant Chadha (Advocacy) and K. Vidyadharan (Publications, Newsletter & Social Media jointly chaired by Joly Joseph). The Audit Committee is composed of the 3 past presidents, namely K. Vidyadharan, Sumant Chadha and S. Bhaskar.

The International Conference of The IIA, held in Anaheim, California this year from 7-10th July was a resounding success. So I believe, was the ACIIA Conference held in Tokyo from 17-18th September, 2019.

Great progress is being made in Bangalore, which gears up for the National Conference on 30/31st January, 2020. Dates for the Conferences in Mumbai ( 19th/20th December 2019) and Chennai (13th/14th December, 2019) are already firmed up. Delhi Chapter took the lead by hosting its Annual Conference on 18th October, 2019. With over 120 registrations and a jam-packed schedule, incorporating over 30 speakers & panellists it was well appreciated by all participants. 2 Audit Clubs have already been formed in Bhilai & Ludhiana with Jaipur also being targeted as a potential site. A path-breaking initiative – the formation of a Women’s Club” - was announced under the dynamic leadership of Sana Baqai. All leaders unanimously acclaimed this initiative under the dynamic leader ship of Sid Bhalla and all Chapters are encouraged to follow suit in this welcome initiative to enhance gender diversity.

In addition to our training initiatives, IIA India has launched the CIA “On-demand” training to enable aspiring CIAs to study as per their personal convenience of time availability. We do hope that this will inspire many more working professionals with time commitment issues to take up this training and get a boost to their careers with the CIA certification. IIA Global, which has kindly agreed to our request for discounted fees, allows us to offer this training at a significant discount to the normal member charges in other countries

One of our leading lights, Mr. N.G. Shankar has been awarded the QIAL (Quality in Internal Audit Leadership) certification. Our hearty congratulations to him. NG (as we fondly refer to him) continues to serve IIA Global on the Professional Certifications Board and is always available with sound advice, when sought. We look forward to his guidance to the Quality Assurance Committee which advises corporates on the path to achieving this certification.

The National Council, on my request, has agreed to change my designation from CEO to Chief Adviser so henceforth I will be signing off under my new designation.

With Warm Regards
Nikhel Kochhar
Chief Adviser
IIA India

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